Return Policy

Due to the nature of personalized handmade goods and services, my products cannot be accepted for return or refund unless I made an error on your order. If I made an error, please contact me immediately and I will replace the affected item at no cost to you.

I do not accept returns or refunds due to the following:

Design: I have a large variety of designs that customers can choose from. Because of this, I cannot accept returns or refunds if a customer is unsatisfied with their choice of design.

Personalization: It is important to double-check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation and to make sure all information you have provided is correct before placing an order. I copy and paste all information straight from your order and do not check for spelling or other personalization errors. This is the customer's responsibility as I cannot be held liable for customers providing incorrect information.

Wood type and/or Color: I provide a "Board Size and Wood Type " image in my listings for reference. Please refer to this image to see a range of different coloration and grain for each wood type that I offer. My products are made from natural wood and are never stained in the process. Due to the natural origin of the wood, there will be color variations that might be different from what is shown in my listing images. Each piece of wood is different, resulting in every product having its own unique coloring, grain, and overall look. This is what makes my products truly one-of-a-kind!

Engraving Color: My cutting boards are engraved using a high-density laser beam burning process. As a result, the engraving's color varies depending on the actual piece of wood and its specific color change in reaction to the laser beam. Unfortunately, I cannot accept returns or refunds due to the engraving color as I have no control over this aspect of the design.

Size: My product sizes are always listed in inches and can be found in the Additional Information section at the bottom of each product listing. I suggest customers use a measuring tape to see how large their board will be before ordering.

Care: I do not accept returns or refunds due to customer's lack of proper board care. Please refer to the "Cutting Board Care Instructions" included in your package or here on my website for tips on how to properly take care of your product.

Damage: In the event your shipment arrives damaged, you must notify me as soon as possible. The time to file a claim with the shipping company is only 5 business days after you receive your shipment. After you've contacted us, I will file a claim with the shipping company. Once the claim is approved, I will make and ship you a new product at no cost to you.


Lost Package: In the unlikely event that your package does not arrive, please contact the shipping company immediately to inquire about your package. Please be sure to have your tracking number handy. If the shipping company claims the package has been lost, contact me immediately. I will file a claim with the shipping company and once approved, I will make and ship you a new product at no cost to you.

For more information, please contact me.